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Priyanka Chopra’s Questionable Fashion Choices

Priyanka Chopra Jonnas is sure to turn heads around as he appears on and offscreen. While the former is due to her immensely talented self, the latter more often than not is because of her cringeworthy fashion choices.

And quite ironically, Priyanka seems to think differently than most who look at her, because while we grasp in horror of the catastrophe occured to Priyanka’s otherwise appealing self, she finds it gasps of admiration for the fashion wonder she’s carrying. Thus she has till date not reversed the choices she made, or changed her stylists as a matter of fact.

(Sometime they do a good job though)

Here’s a look at some of the most not so memorable looks Priyanka carried. Needless to say, most of them require a tremendous amount of confidence to be actually worn and come out in public.

The latest, Met Gala 2019

This year’s Met Gala theme was Camping and let’s just say the Quantico actress took it a little too far . . .


Cannes 2019

The first day Priyanka arrived at film festival, she surely dazzled on the red carpet with her black shimmery gown. God knows what happened and this is what we got see in her second appearance. Nuff said!


Throwback Met Gala 2018

This is a reality that’s a nightmare and a nightmare that was reality. Confused? We were too as Fashion actress stepped down on Met Gala 2018 looking like this. To top off the criticism, her hairstyle added a huge load of negative marks.


Just on a walk

This is Priyanka Chopra in New York, out and about for a walk or something wearing a black absolutely unpleasant dress. This ensemble is not right both with Priyanka and the time she’s wearing it at.


The Royal wedding

Last year Prince Harry married actress Meghan Markle who happens to be close friend of PeeCee. The actress attended the fashion filled wedding in a lavender colored dress that did not really impress us or many others. The dress had a unpleasant cut, it made Priyanka’s body look boxed and her matching sandals were another big turn off.


Just another walk down the lane

Dressed in this eyesoring bright red on a sunny day as you stroll down the streets of NYC isn’t probably a great idea. But . . .


Bright pink? No thank you

Here at a movie premiere Mrs Jonas wore a hot pink that is needless to say a horrendous choice of her color for somebody of her style. And let’s just not talk about the cut of the dress. .


What’s wrong? Everything!!

This picture of the Bollywood starlet does not need a caption, but it does need some serious explanation. What were you thinking PeeCee?


A dress meant for night . . . night suit?

Let’s just say Priyanka missed night suit fashion with night outing fashion. This grey striped two piece is perfect for a cozy night in, and to be honest the diva would pull it off a little too well in home.


The disaster cookie

Well the caption doesn’t go with the picture. So what! Priyanka’s weirdly decked up attire also doesn’t go with… anything per say. Dressed up in a striped teapink high neck and cut skirt, Priyanka is wishing Easter to her mother in law who too seems to have a concern on her daughter in law’s stylist.


We feel you Mommy Jonnas, and yes it’s about time you help Priyanka unleash her true fashion potential with a team of up to date stylists.

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  1. Yeah well Aisha’s judgment is cringeworthy. She should not be writing about fashion imho, looks as if it just an excuse to be nasty–it doesn’t work

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