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Prominent poet Naqash Kazmi passes away due to COVID-19

Prominent poet Naqash Kazmi passes away due to COVID-19 in Karachi on Saturday. 

His funeral prayers were offered at 5 pm at Bab-ul-Alam Mosque, North Nazimabad. He was laid to rest in Wadi-a-Hussain Grave Yard, on Karachi–Hyderabad Motorway.

Naqash Kazmi was born on February 22, 1944, in Jaunpur India. His father, Syed Fasi-Ullah Kazmi was a famous poet and author of Urdu and Persian. 

He did his Masters in Linguistics, Urdu Literature, and Political Science. 

The collection contains nizam’s and gazal’s by the sensitive progressive and revolutionary personality of the young poet, which is also reflected in his earlier works, like; ‘The problems and background of Afro- Asian writers’ and ‘Chandi and Samander.’

His other prominent works include Rukh-e-sailab1992, Rung-e-Safar, Daman-e-Gul.

He also served as the Member of the board of UNIKARIAN, and had been active for Arts Council Karachi.

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From 1973-1986 he serves as a professor and taught in different colleges and was also involved in different literary activities.

Regarded as the leading Urdu progressive poet Naqash Kazmi had also been awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence.

Faiz-Ahmed-Faiz has once said, “when I read the poetry of Naqash Kazmi, I am convinced that greatness is not by the years, but by thoughts and the visions. Kazmi’s poetry did not appear to be moving with the support of others.’

“Suro ki fasal jo tayaar hai tho qeu na kate
Bohot hai ahde jawanni tho que ho umar daraaz”.

An eminent Urdu literary critic Mohammad Ali Siddique has called  him one of the most eminent poets of the Urdu language.’

Saman Siddiqui

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