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PSCA defends their decision of inviting Ali Zafar to a Women Empowerment Event

He was allegedly accused by Meesha Shafi for sexual harassment.

Ali ZafarAli Zafar new petition said Meesha Shafi filed a retaliatory defamation case against him - OyeYeah News

Ali Zafar, star of the hit movie Teefa in Trouble, was recently invited by the Punjab Govt. Association last Wednesday  to attend a Women Empowerment Event, where he talked about women rights and empowerment. The actor recently came under hot waters where he was allegedly accused by Meesha Shafi for sexual harassment.

The matter further worsened when Ali Zafar denied the accuse and multiple of women started coming up supporting Meesha Shafi and accusing Ali Zafar for harassing them. However, the case was dismissed because the physical location in which she was harassed couldn’t be considered a ‘workplace’ according to the law, as reported by The Express Tribune. The matter was soon taken to court, where Ali Zafar was proved ‘not guilty’. However, nothing is forgotten soon on social media.

As soon as the news broke out and a recent tweet by the Punjab Govt. Association, where they appreciated Ali Zafar for gracing the event with his kind words and presence, the social media turned into a war zone. When asked why they invited Ali Zafar, despite the actor being involved in a high-profile harassment case,  PSCA communication manager Tauseef Sabih said the accused had been “acquitted by the court in the harassment case and he is no criminal”. 

He was invited by radio FM of the PSCA and I think no one should have an issue with it since he has been acquitted of the charges. “His movie Teefa in Trouble was also in cinemas. I don’t know why this is even up for discussion,” Tauseef added.


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