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Rabi Peerzada Could Face Upto 2 Years Jail Term for Keeping Exotic Animals As Pets

Actress turned singer Rabi Peerzada might possibly be facing a two-year-old jail term for keeping exotic pets at her salon in Lahore, said Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department.

The Director-General of Wildlife Protection Sohail Ashraf said that the starlet often uploads photographs and videos of her exotic pet animals on social media, and keeping such animals is a violation of the law.

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“Keeping exotic animals including alligators, pythons, snakes and other reptiles as pets was a violation of the Wildlife Act. These animals fall in the Third Schedule of the Wildlife Act, and no one could be issued a license for keeping them as pets,” said Ashraf as he spoke to media.

“[The] violator of the Act could face up to two-year imprisonment,” he added.

As per sources, Rabi Peerzada owns an alligator, four pythons and snakes.

This matter came into authorities’ attention after a video of Rabi Peerzada gained public attention on social media. In the video, singer-turned-host threatened PM Modi, saying that the alligator, four pythons and snakes are “special gifts” for the Indian prime minister.

“I, a Kashmiri lady, is ready with her snakes for India. These gifts are for Modi actually. You are bothering Kashmiris so this is what I have prepared for you. So, get ready to die in hell, okay? And my friends [the exotic animals] would feast on you in hell,” she said.

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