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Rabi Pirzada en route to spiritualism performs Umrah

"In Makkah, I feel like being a guest of Allah. I see Him everywhere", shares Rabi.

Rabi Pirzada performed UmrahHer latest social media posts shares that she has performed Umrah - OyeYeah New

Rabi Pirzada after bidding farewell to showbiz is currently en route to spiritualism, seeking proper guidance of Islam.

And in her latest social media posts shares that she has performed Umrah, that she would have never thought earlier that she will embark on a holy journey that soon.

“And my God calls whomever He wills. Do not want to leave Makkah. Keeping an eye on the Ka’bah after performing doing Umrah is a reward for spending time here. Pray when visiting the Ka’bah. Must pray when you look at khana Kaaba, trust me it works!”, writes Rabi in a post sharing images from Baitullah.

In another post, while sharing photos of Holly Kaba taken from various angles, Rabi writes, “I am an artist, I paint, I photograph but honestly I’ve never seen a single place or object in this world which looks like this. I took photographs from all angles, and it doesn’t give 3d or 2 d effects. I don’t know u will understand or not but it’s a miracle itself”.

“In Makkah, I feel like being a guest of Allah. I see Him everywhere. I don’t remember my family, my home my paintings my life. All I remember is breathing in a place which is hosted by none other than the CREATOR. I can’t quote any AYAT right now. but only this“, she further added.

It was earlier when Rabi shared on social media about going on a journey she had never thought about it before:

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