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Rabi Pirzada Lands In Major Controversy!

Twitter is abuzz with private videos and pictures of Rabi and speculations of who leaked them


It’s a field day for Twitter as singer Rabi Pirzada has landed herself in a big controversy after a harmless tweet against Kaaf Kangana. While there’s a lot going on, with Rabi being the top trend on the platform, let’s give you a little context of what happened.

A few weeks ago Neelam Munir shared her item song from the film Kaaf Kangana. While the song may have gone unnoticed, it was Neelam’s explanation regarding doing item the number that caught public attention and wrath.

“Did it only because it was ISPR’s project,” tweeted Neelam.

As expected there was a lot of hue and cry over the tweet, and unwilling DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor had to come in to defend the item song in the film.

Asking people to watch the film to understand the context, DG ISPR had stated that Neelam plays an Indian girl in the film who performs on the song.

Now Rabi Pirzada who is quite active on Twitter decided to call out ISPR over the initiative and made quite a news yesterday with her yesterday’s tweet.

“Seriously disappointing, @OfficialDGISPR we all make mistakes but never refuse to admit it or explain it like this,” said Rabi as she tagged the official Twitter handle of the Army media wing.

Now call it coincidence or pure bad luck – or as some are calling it repercussions – today morning Twitter saw Rabi’s extremely private pictures and videos viral on the internet.

As the video went viral, Rabi soon became the top trend on the social networking site and people both pro and against the singer came out.

With some calling the leak of her pictures as a result of her tweet against Kaaf Kangana and some blaming it on her former boyfriend, Twitter is abuzz with the singer’s pictures and the speculation on who leaked them.

Some went as far as blaming Modi for leaking Rabi’s private videos due to her pro-Kashmir stance on Twitter.

Now we do feel that we might never be able to find out about who leaked such reputation-damaging data of the singer, we do hope that Rabi gets out of the trouble without any more repercussions.


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