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Rabia Anum breaks silence after walking out of live morning show because of Mohsin Abbas Haider

Rabia Anum breaks the silence after walking out of a live morning show because of Mohsin Abbas Haider!

It’s been a while since the live drama on the morning show became a trending topic for netizens.

It happened as the former news anchor Rabia was invited to the morning show hosted by Nida Yasir as a guest, alongside Fiza Ali and Mohsin Abbas Haider.

And Rabia Anum walked out of Nida Yasir’s morning show, ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, when actor Mohsin came on the set.

Reportedly, Rabia decided to leave the show after a few minutes of the show that was being broadcast live and said that she cannot share a platform with a wife-beater.

Her action has received all sorts of reactions, to which Rabia Anum responded in a series of Tweets.

Rabia Anum said, “Did my tiny bit to break the cycle of ifs and buts, let’s hope harassers and wife beaters are never given the chance to be heroes again, those who never apologized for what they did while the victims are still struggling mentally physically & Financially to get back on their feet

“The love & appreciation you all sent from all around the world is overwhelming, Men & women sending me their own stories of abusive childhood and marriages. I’ve been reading them and crying. The first thing I did after walking out spoke to Fatima, we both cried on the phone,” she added.


Have a look at what happened on the show:


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