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Resham hasn’t said “Qubool Hai” yet

The Lollywood star addresses rumours about her marriage

Resham hasn’t said “Qubool Hai” yet!

The Lollywood actress has finally addressed the rumours about her marriage that surfaced recently.

Speaking to a media outlet recently, Resham said, “I am not getting married, some elements are propagating against me and spreading rumors in the media industry to damage my dignity. I have struggled a lot and worked really hard with honesty to earn my place in the industry. My whole career is in front of my fans and they can judge me best. I never made any announcement regarding my marriage and these rumours are false.”

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“I don t know these ‘elements’ who are propagating against me, but the truth is I have never said anything regarding my marriage on any public platform or private gathering. I am surprised at how such stories are taking form and why some people would pull off something like this,” Resham added.

The actress who started her film career in 1995 with the film “Jeeva” went on to add that these ‘people’ had also spread false news about her age and relationships.

“Similar elements had earlier spread false news about my age and one month ago, news about my attachment with a local singer had also surfaced. I avoid such things in my career and my fans know me best. There is no need for me to keep my marriage a secret and whenever I have any such plans I will let the people know myself,” she said.

“I’ve worked with honesty throughout my career and have never needed to gain publicity through fake rumours. Anyone deeming me responsible for this propaganda is responsible for the propaganda themselves and needs to stop,” the actress concluded.

Similar reports surfaced back in 2013 when she was rumoured to have married Pakistani-French Designer Mahmood Bhatti. Whereas in 2018, another claim was made stating Resham has decided to marry a European businessman.


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