Riz Ahmed Asks Hollywood’s Influentials to Help End Islamophobia

The actor was recently at at the CAA Amplify conference where he spoke of issues Muslims face in US


British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed has called out politicians and members of Hollywood fraternity to come forward and help in eliminating the Islamophobia sentiment prevailing in West.

Speaking at the CAA Amplify conference in Ojai, the United States, the actor stated how in last 15 years he has been stopped at the airport and checked for explosives, despite his presence in Hollywood circles. The actor also shared the obstacles Muslim face despite their continuous attempts at bringing things to normal for themselves and those around.

“Hasan Minhaj could win a Peabody, I could win an Emmy, Ibtihaj Muhammad could win the Olympics, but some of these obstacles are systemic, and we can’t really face them alone,” said the Venom actor.

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This guy…hero

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“The efforts of individual artists or storytellers may be bold, they may be progressive, they may act as beacons of hope for other people, but in the face of institutional prejudice and institutionalized obstacles, systemic obstacles, our efforts can sometimes still fall flat,” he added.

Riz went on to ask the influentials of Hollywood to play their role in ending the hatred against Muslims in media and otherwise.

“We need your help. I’m basically here to ask for your help,” said Riz.

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I’m feeling scared, defiant, and trying maintain love in the face of hate. I’m feeling #PhenomenallyMuslim. If you feel like I do, if every day you wonder how long it will be before they round up Muslims for deportation, imprisonment, or worse, then 1) tag a friend below and 2) wear one of these @phenomenal.ly t-shirts to raise money…cos guess what? All these things are already happening. In the USA; no fly lists and presidential incitement to violence leading to skyrocketing hate crimes. In China; mass detention camps. In India and Myanmar; state sponsored lynching. What’s at stake here isn’t just the fate of Muslims, it’s something fundamental that affects us all – a civilised world where we are all considered equally human. There’s something phenomenally wrong in our society when politicians and media outlets can spout anti Muslim hate with no consequences aside from more votes and increased sales. This has to stop. And it can, but Muslims need more non-Muslim allies. To confront Islamaphobia wherever you see it, to speak out against the incitement of violence against us as a group and against individuals like Ilhan Omar, against travel bans and illegal detention, against the apologist politicians and media who make excuses for right wing terrorists who murder us at prayer. Make a stand on the right side of history. Because history has taught us what darkness lies ahead if we don’t act now. This t-shirt is by the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and benefits CAIR, which defends Muslim civil liberties: www.phenomenalwoman.us. #PhenomenallyMuslim

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“It’s really scary to be a Muslim right now. Super scary,” he concluded.

Alongside Riz, anchor Hasan Minhaj, Michael B Jordan, and Jamie Foxx were also amongst the attendees of the conference.

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