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Riz Ahmed pleads people (Muslims) to stay home in Ramadan

Riz alongside a number of other Muslim British celebs have been endorsing the #StayAtHome during Ramadan

Riz-AhmedThe short film has a simple message to give away, stay at home - OyeYeah News

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon all the Muslims of the world, but at the same time, the entire world is fighting the calamity that coronavirus has caused.

Pertaining to the same and the general lockdown being observed in the world, Riz Ahmed alongside a number of other British-Muslim celebs recently rallied together to urge Muslims around the world to stay at home and pray therein during Ramadan this year.

Celebs including Riz Ahmed, Konnie Huq, Naughty Boy, Asad Amad, and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, came together in a 60-second video clip, urging people in the British Muslim community to “pray from home.”

The short film has a simple message to give away, stay at home.

“This Ramadan I’m staying at home, to protect our doctors, nurses, to protect our NHS, to protect our superheroes,” it says

The film, with its list of celebrities on board, then goes on to add why it is imperative that people stay home and Muslims pray from home this Ramadan.
“This Ramadan, I’m praying for the world but from home. You can be a lifesaver, protect our frontline, protect our NHS, protect our doctors, nurses, and save lives. And you can do all of that by just staying at home and save lives,” it adds further.

The video also includes messages from those fighting coronavirus on the frontline, including from the NHS, Met Police, and London Ambulance Service.

“This Ramadan, I’m doing iftar at home to protect our NHS and save lives.” The video then ends with the celebrities and medical staff wishing others a “Ramadan Mubarak,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan is seen adding with a hope that Muslims across the globe might pay heed to the importance of staying at home and keeping the world and their dear ones safe.

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