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Robert Downey Jr. opens up about moving away from MCU, leaving Iron Man behind!

Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man has finally opened up about moving away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and leaving his iconic character behind.

In a recent interview, he also gives an interesting/shocking update on the new suit, Iron Man wore in Avengers: Endgame.

Robert Downey Jr. has come up a long way playing the character which is the most recognized all over the globe. It all started in 2008 with Iron Man and concluded 11 years later with Avengers: Endgame.

While talking about the next phase of his career and being a part of MCU, Robert stated:

“There’s always a dependency on something that feels like a sure thing. It’s the closest thing I will ever come to being a trust fund kid. And also there’s a real bell-shaped curve. Initially, by creating and associating and synergizing with Tony Stark and the Marvel universe and all this stuff, and being a good company man, but also being a little off-kilter,

being creative and getting into all these other partnerships, it was a time when — it’s like, what do they say? Owners start looking like their pets. Occasionally you would pull back from it and go ‘All right, let me get off the teat of this archetype and let me see where I stand.’ And you can feel really buffeted and you can be really spun out by it”.

“First thing you learn in theater arts: Aesthetic distance. … I am not my work. I am not what I did with that studio. I am not that period of time that I spent playing this character. And it sucks, because the kid in all of us wants to be like, ‘No. It’s always going to be summer camp and we’re all holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya’, he further added.

While talking about Iron Man aka Tony Stark’s interesting character arc, he added:

“The last suit he has isn’t even designed for him to be able to survive using it. The first suit is all about, ‘will this get me, and my ego, and my precious physical frame out of this cave I’m in and into the desert, where maybe the cavalry can come to get me and bring me back to my stupid life.’ The last one is not designed to be able to do its job and have you make it past it”.

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