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Rose McGowan Files Intimidation Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein and Allies

One of the complainants in multiple cases against media giant Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan has now filed a lawsuit claiming that she was intimated by Weinstein and his attorneys.

Prior to McGowan’s memoir in which details of an alleged rape by Weinstein were revealed, Rose says she was approached by Harvey’s attorneys posing as women rights activists and journalists who either tried to obtain a copy of her book or warned her to back off from sexual harassment allegations in 2017.

The memoir “Brave” has recently released and following it is the lawsuit that has named Weinstin, his former attorneys David Boies and Lisa Bloom and Black Cube, an Israeli intelligence agency as defendants.

“McGowan has suffered tremendously from Defendants’ conspiracy and lies,” states the first of its kind lawsuit against the House of Cards actor in which he has been nominated alongside his allies.

“Weinstein enlisted others — including his co-Defendants in this case — as co-conspirators, all working with a single mission: to protect Weinstein’s reputation, suppress negative information about him, and silence and discredit his accusers,” it adds.

Harvey Weinstein’s side has once again denied all the allegationsas with the previous rape and harassment allegations of other women.

“McGowan is a publicity seeker looking for money and her suit is meritless,” said Weinstein’s current lawyer Phyllis Kupferstein who added that the actress is merely looking for an opportunity.

“My life was upended by their actions, and I refuse to be intimidated any longer,” said McGowan while talking to Associated Press.

“Harvey Weinstein was able to perpetrate and cover up decades of violence and control over women because he had a sophisticated team working on his behalf to systematically silence and discredit his victims,” she added.

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