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Saba Faisal deletes videos of accusations against daughter-in-law

Saba Faisal deleted videos of accusations against daughter-in-law!

Its been a while since the popular Pakistani actress has been sharing details of her family feud on social media.

And in the latest the actress has deleted the videos in question from her social media account.

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Senior actress Saba Faisal deleted videos of son Salman Faisal accusing daughter-in-law after taking his wife’s side.

A day ago, Saba Faisal made serious accusations against daughter-in-law Neha Malik and expressed her detachment from daughter-in-law and son.

Saba Faisal had made it clear that now he and the entire family have no relation with her son Salman.

Saba Faisal made serious allegations against daughter-in-law Neha Malik and said that any house where a woman like Neha Malik goes, that house becomes hell.

In the short-lived video, though Saba Faisal accused the daughter-in-law of women like her making homes hell, she did not detail the steps taken by her daughter-in-law.

Later, he also shared another video on Instagram, in which he appealed to the public not to speak wrongly about his daughter-in-law and her.

In another video, he said that he did not express his pain and suffering for four years and he paid the price of his fame, honor and wealth.

Saba Faisal said that common people should understand that the lives and homes of actors who earn fame, wealth and respect also have dark sides.

She went on to add that she paid the price of wealth, honor and fame by bearing the problem of daughter-in-law for four years.


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After Saba Faisal’s accusations against her daughter-in-law, her son Salman Faisal took the wife’s side in his Instagram posts and asked people to stop criticizing his wife.

Salman Faisal wrote without mention to the mother or anyone else that Neha Malik is the mother of his son and his wife, people should respect her instead of criticizing her.

After son Salman Faisal’s posts, Saba Faisal deleted all her videos shared on Instagram.

Saba Faisal did not issue any explanation regarding the deletion of the videos.


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