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Saba Qamar Launches Her YouTube Channel With 1st Episode ‘Isolation’

"Everything seems scary, everything," says Saba Qamar

saba-qamarSaba Qamar has spoken out loud in the first episode of 'Isolation' - OyeYeah News

Ever since the breakout of coronavirus, the world, in this lockdown situation, has come to a halt. The earth is probably taking a break, calm down after having run for years and years and that too nonstop. And while this planet rests and reserves its energy for the next round, we, humans, are going crazy, locked up inside our own houses, away from our loved ones, afraid to touch, talk or even breathe in the same space as any other human being.

Coronavirus has made everyone skeptical of the other. And this is exactly what Saba Qamar has spoken out loud in the first episode of ‘Isolation’, written by herself  and released on her own YouTube channel.

The actress has aptly penned down her thoughts and hit where it matters most. She’s brutally honest with her fears and anxiety that the lockdown has caused and it rings true for us all. Saba speaks of the lull our lives have entered after the social distancing was forced upon everyone, by their own selves. But it also speaks of the lessons the isolation has taught us.

Preaching what one ought to have learned through their lives, Saba Qamar’s soliloquy will pull at your heartstrings. It is deep, it is meaningful and it will hit you hard. Saba Qamar, like the woman she is, has once again, shown the mirror to this society. Question is, will we be able to see our grotesque faces and make ourselves a better person, once we’re allowed out of this isolation?

the authorAfshan Zahra