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Sajjad Ali soulful naat praises the Last Prophet (PBUH)

Pakistani music maestro Sajjad Ali is back in the game producing music after a long period of 11 years —- but this time the singer lent his magnificent voice to a piece of music swathed to describe his true devotion and praise the dignity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) .

The soulful and mystic track starts off with the soothing downbeat pattern of ‘Allah Hu’, the serene view of landscapes in the video is a treat to eyes that leave the viewers to admire the beauty of nature.

The composite poetry in Ali’s naat honouring and respecting the last Prophet (PBUH) is like the fresh breeze that touches the heart in subtle way.The lyrics of the naat and music arranged with it indulged with the ethereal voice of the famed composer.

The four-minute long brilliant composition has bagged fans accolades.

“Mere mathay py pairoun ki mitti rahy, ye zubaan unki maddah kerti rahy (Be the dust of his feet on my head and the tongue would always praise him),” chanted the singer.

The naat will be included in the Ramadan transmission for PTV.

Earlier, Sajjad Ali experimented with the devotional poetry with Ali Ali in the album ‘Chief Saab’ in 1995, was a huge success.

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