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Salman Khan’s floss dances with Disney characters on nephew Ahil’s birthday

Salman Khan is known for having a gracious heart, case in point, his non-profit foundation, Being Human, his charity support and his love for his friends and family. The actor, never lets anyone down, especially when it comes to his family. And we recently saw an at Khan’s nephew Ahil’s birthday.

Ahil Sharma is Arpita Khan’s 3 year old son and Salman Khan’s nephew. The young lad celebrated his 3rd birthday recently and we saw uncle Salman Khan taking on the dance floor with all of Ahil’s favorite Disney characters.


Salman Khan looks absolutely cute dancing with these Disney favorites. Recently the Khan brother made headlines with their Christmas dance together and now this. It seems Salman Khan and company certainly knows how to set moods, no matter where they are.

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