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Salman Khan’s Former Bodyguard Creates Havoc After Steroids Overdose

Salman Khan’s former bodyguard Anaz Qureshi went on to create havoc in Moradabad, as he had an overdose of steroids.

The bodybuilder was out bare chested on the streets of his hometown on Thursday, as he scared people by throwing bricks and damaging nearby parked cars with an iron rod. The video of the incident went viral on the internet in which the former aide of Bollywood star was seen terrifying locals as police and fire brigade tried to control him.

Police was eventually successful in controlling the chaotic Anaz by using fishing net and ropes.

While social media criticized police for its lack of ability to handle such cases, the police maintained that since Anaz was high on steroids it was difficult to control somebody of his physical stature and mental condition.

According to police the bodybuilder who now works on the bodyguard team of a minister in Maharashtra, had just arrived in Moradabad two days prior to the incident. He participated in Mr Moradabad contest and after losing the title as second runner up, took excessive dose of steroids in anger.

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The next day he created public disruption as he lost his senses due to the side effect of overdose.

The bodybuilder who was serving Salman Khan until two years ago was taken in police custody from where he was shifted to Bareilly Mental Hospital.

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