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Sana Fakhar Shares Her Weight Loss Journey and Some Life Lessons!

Pakistani actress Sana Fakhar, recently took to social media to share her dramatic weight loss journey. In her Instagram post she shared her transformation. A vivid evidence of it was the pics she posted along with caption motivating people to be comfortable in their own skin, no matter the size or color.

In her post she was very vocal of the double standard of people putting labels on the size and body shamming. “Why do we have double standards? Size zero, 4, 6 or else, why do we have to put a number upon and against people? Why do we have to judge everything and everyone against a single standard or benchmark of our own?” Sana wrote in her post.


Referring to the double standard she continued to write ‘’Why in certain cases, people come out to defend others against body shamming, while in others, they won’t? Why can’t we let others live and cherish life in their own skin and be comfortable in who we are?’’

The Saibaan actress said she always encouraged healthy lifestyle one which includes exercise, so people can enjoy life to its fullest. She mentioned it’s important to push others towards a lifestyle of fitness but it should not be limited to weight, instead to motivate people to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


Adding to her post, she urged people to be happy being themselves no matter their physical appearance. To be confident in their own skin and enjoy life as they want it to be, not by set of standards other try to impose.


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