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Sana Hashwani of Sana Safinaz tests negative for COVID-19

The pandemic coronavirus has scared people the world over. The majority of the world is headed towards a lockdown, making sure social contact between people is reduced to zero.

In Pakistan, coronavirus is spreading its claws and has already claimed five lives in all. New cases are emerging by the minute and it is amongst this chaos, that it was rumored how Sana Hashwani of Sana Safinaz alongside her daughter and son in law had tested positive for coronavirus and in her negligence had infected 15 other people too.

However, the news is entirely fake as Sana Safinaz issued an official statement, also showing Sana’s COVID 19 test results which turned out to be negative.

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The statement was published at Sana Safinaz’s official Instagram handle.

“We are appalled at the way people create false content at the expense of others. We are sharing Sana Hashwani’s test results in order to dispel the rumors that she has COVID19,” read the statement.


Earlier the news had gone viral that Sana Hashwani of Sana Safinaz…her daughter and son in law both had been infected and were being treated. The news also stated that Taimor Badar, the son in law, had been the carrier of the virus as he had flown in from London and passed it on to Sana and his wife during a picnic at French Beach.

However, Zevair Hashwani, Sana’s daughter took to social media to put an end to all false rumors about her family. Although Zevair confirmed that the family was safe, she did state that only she among her family members had tested positive for novel coronavirus and was in self-quarantine at her home.

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