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Former Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan quits showbiz citing life after death, fear of Allah

Former Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan on Thursday announced that she has quit the film industry.

Sana Khan, 33, is best  known for appearing as a contestant on Bigg Boss 6. She has also worked in several Bollywood films and TV series.

Sana Khan shared the news via a long note, she posted in Hindi, English, and Urdu languges in an Instagram post.

Taking to social media, the actor revealed that she now wants to ‘serve humanity and follow the orders of the Creator.’

Sana Khan said that the entertainment industry has given her “all kinds of fame, honour and wealth” but she has realised that she should not make “wealth and fame” her only goal.

Addressing her followers, Sana stated, “Today I am talking to you standing at a crucial juncture of my life. For years, I have been living the Showbiz (film industry) life, and during this time I have been blessed with all kinds of fame, honour and wealth from my fans for which I am grateful to them. But, for the last few days, I have been possessed of the realisation that: Is the real purpose of man’s coming into this world only to chase wealth and fame?

“Isn’t it a part of his/her duty to spend his/her life in the service of those who are needy and helpless? Shouldn’t a person think that he/she could die at any moment? And what will happen to him after he/she is no more? I have been searching for answers to these two questions for a long period of time, especially the second question as to what will happen to me after my death?

“When I searched for the answer to this question in my religion, I realized that this life in the world is actually for the betterment of life after death. And it will be better if the slaves lives according to the command of his Creator and does not make wealth and fame his only goal,” she added.


“Therefore, I declare today that from today onwards, I have resolved to say goodbye to my showbiz lifestyle forever and serve humanity and follow the orders of my Creator. All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for me to Allah to accept my repentance and grant me the true ability to live in accordance with my determination of spending my life following the commandments of my Creator and in the service of humanity, and grant me perseverance in to. Finally, all brothers and sisters are requested to not consult me with regards to any showbiz work henceforth”,  the former actress concluded her post.

Sana Khan was the contestant of reality show Bigg Boss Season 6, that went air in 2015.


Bigg Boss star file photo

Bigg Boss star file photo

Sana Khan has quit the Bollywood more than a year after Dangal girl Zaira Wasim, who said good bye to the Indian film industry citing similar reasons.

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