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Sanam Baloch opens up about her marriage and divorce with Abdullah Farhatullah

The host cum actress recently appeared in a talk show with Samina Peerzada


Sanam Baloch, one of the most beloved and favorite celebrities on Pakistani television, has always been a sweetheart. Her marriage with Abdullah Farhatullah was again a very hyped affair and people fell in love with the duo.

However, there have been rumors circulating about their divorce to which Abdullah and Sanam have always kept mum on the issue. Recently, Sanam Baloch opened up about her relationship with Adbdullah on “Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada,” and finally talked about the issue.

Talking to Samina Peerzada, Sanam mentioned how she met Abdullah and how he was a very nice person. The duo clicked and it led to a relationship. “We were very good friends and we thought we could stay friends forever. Abdullah is a very nice man,” shared Sanam with Samina Peerzada.

And when Samina asked whether she and Abdullah were still friends, Sanam added, “No, we’re not friends anymore. But I know we’ll always think the best of each other wherever we are.”

Adding about her friend circle, Sanam Baloch also mentioned how she had a limited set of friends and director Haissan Hussain of Durr-e Shehwar, Daastan, Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan bhee Tha and Balu Mahi fame, was one of her dearest, most trustworthy and loyal of all friends.

You can watch the interview here:

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