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Sanam Saeed Questions Durj Ban

If you are a movie buff, then you would have surely seen a certain Pakistani movie Durj directed by Shamoon Abbasi, in controversial headlines these days. The pakistani movie was banned by the censor board for unclear reasons.

Many shared their rightful disappointment including Sanam Saeed who took to social media and shared her concerns.

“Why are films like Durj banned? If Hollywood films with all their sexual innuendos and violence and dark topics can play in our cinemas then why can’t our independent out-of-the-box films like Durj be played?” wrote Zindagi Gulzar Hai actress.

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Durj is inspired by true events that occurred in Pakistan in relation to cannibalism. However, the director assured that none of the bloodshed and gore was picturized for it to be banned. It was just an art film showcasing some of the realities of our society

It is disturbing and sad that an art film of such caliber is not allowed to be shown in our own cinemas while international movies involving horrifying action and extreme fighting scenes have a free pass in our theaters.

This does make us wonder like Sanam Saeed though, that on what grounds is the movie really banned?

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