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Sanam Saeed, Shamoon Abbasi share details of being extorted by hotel during quarantine

The actors arrived back in Pakistan on 14th April

sanam-shamoonSanam Saeed, Shamoon Abbasi share details of being extorted by hotel during quarantine - OyeYeah News

The team of Ishrat Made In China was finally able to come back to Pakistan on the 14th of April. However, even when they’re in their own country, the travelers haven’t been able to go back to their homes after being tested and cleared off the threats for coronavirus.


Upon their arrival in Pakistan, the actors have been subjected to a whole new ordeal altogether, while they are being made to stay in a hotel in Islamabad and pay upfront for the services they have been forced to purchase for so-called ‘quarantine’.

Shamoon Abbasi and Sanam Saeed both took to their respective social media handles to share how they have been extorted by a hotel upon their return in Pakistan.


Sanam posted a series of tweets in which she shared how the team had been extorted for money while staying at a reputable hotel in Islamabad.

Sanam then added how the plans had suddenly changed and they had been told to wait for 6 more days without been given a reason.

The actress stated that they had been repeatedly threatened by the hotel management to be sent off to Hajji Camp if they didn’t pay upfront.

In a video shared from Thailand, Shamoon had shared that the team had already exhausted their expenses overstaying their intended period of time abroad and therefore as Sanam stated, travelers had been financially and emotionally exhausted.

The actors added that they understood the government had done their best to manage the situation but the traverlers should have been informed about what to expect and prepared for the entire ordeal, mentally, physically and financially as well.

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