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Sania Mirza is a ‘proud mumma’ as her son is learning Arabic prayers well

Tennis star Sania Mirza who happens to be on her PSL 2020 visit in Pakistan shares the reason for being a Proud Mumma on social media.

Mrs. Shoaib Malik shared a cute video of her little one on Instagram recently revealing that Izhaan Mirza Malik is learning Arabic prayers very well and that’s what makes her proud.

“I am a proud Mumma”, she captioned her post, adding, “He learned both these duas in a span of 5 days .. his pronunciation will improve InshaAllah but I am so proud of him that he knows the dua you recite before sleeping and the safar dua (which he needs a lot since we travel so much)”.

“Just recited to him a few times and boom..he amazes me every day and it’s amazing what a memory these little humans have.  MashaAllah @izhaan.mirzamalik”, she concluded.



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