Sarah Khan’s admirable reply to a fan who asked whether she is a feminist or not

"Women have greater power than men, why fight for equality?”, she wrote

Pakistani TV star Sarah Khan

Pakistani TV star Sarah Khan was asked whether she was a feminist or not and the actress’s reply was truly admirable.

The 28-year-old actress, who has over three million followers on Instagram, was recently questioned by a fan whether she is a feminist or not? And the actress reply was in negation.

“No, I’m not, Women have greater power than men, why fight for equality?” said Sarah in an amazing response.

Here’s how she interacted during a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram stories:


Our favourite actress is pretty active on Instagram, and from time to time she keeps sharing various quotes to ponder.

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  • Nothing ‘admirable’ about the reply- it is a cop out- everyone who believes in justice and equality man or woman should be a feminist.

    To propound the myth that ‘women have more power than men’ in the face pf rampant inequalities, injustices and exploitation is sheer ignorance at best and opportunism at worst. Opportunism because shunning the tag of being a feminist is pandering to fans who are intimidated by ‘feminism’.

    For your kind information Sara ‘true feminism’ would not support unjust power for women either-‘feminism’ seeks social justice which is not possible without equality and mutual respect.

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