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Sarwat Gilani gave a shut up call to all haters!

Sarwat Gilani hits back at all those who spewed hatred on a recent photo posted by her husband Fahad Mirza from  the couple’s Italy tour, which captured an intimate moment of the couple.

Taking to her Instagram account on Tuesday, Sarwat said that people should stop following her if they hated her so much.

“You can’t bully me I’m too bloody strong for your minute imagination! Grow up and get a life! Stop being so jealous of other people’s success, the love in their lives and the happiness they have because unlike you they have worked bloody hard for it,” Sarwat wrote .

“For someone who has faced the world and lasted this long…your perspective is very unimportant…you can’t bring me down, not even in your imagination!,” the actress added.


“It’s time for a much-awaited SHUT UP CALL! With love, of course!” Sarwat concluded.

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