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Selena Gomez in conversation with Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris

In her recent Instagram post, American singer Selena Gomez was seen conversing with the Democratic vice presidential nominee for 2020 Kamala Harris, over the importance of voting, and the ways in which it is affecting the mental health of the people.

The talk began with Kamala asking Selena about her decision to vote for the presidential elections of 2020 and soon escalated to a slightly more sensitive and heartfelt conversation. Gomez 28, spoke about her mental health struggles and shared her story openheartedly.

“I myself have, you know, shared my story about my mental health journey and I just read too much, I think, about how deep that this country is being affected mentally,” she said.

Furthermore, the singer also added about her aspirations to build up platforms and places where asking for help was a normal thing, and it would all be easier.

The additionally added, “You know, it should be something that people can understand and break down because I truly know that this is something that’s important and important to me.”

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