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Session court Lahore cancels FIR registered against Mohsin Abbas Haider

The actor was found innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife

mohsin abbas haider

Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Sohail were recently entwined in a controversy of domestic abuse. Following the allegations Fatima had also filed an FIR against Mohsin for breach of trust and demanding money from her.

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The case had been in a session court in Lahore, which demanded both parties to present their respective final arguments during the next hearing, last Wednesday.

Today, as per a video shared by Mohsin Abbas Haider on his Facebook, the court found Mohsin innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife after a police investigation.

“The incidents the accuser has narrated are false and nothing but the lies. The investigation was high profile and it was conducted by the SSP, ADIG monitored it themselves. No money trail was found,” states Mohsin Abbas Haider’s legal counsel in the Facebook video.

Stating that there were minor provisions of threat in the FIR, and therefore Haider was withdrawing on his bail plea from the court.

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On the occasion, Mohsin Abbas Haider too expressed how he had been heartbroken and disappointed with the entertainment fraternity of the country for believing a “crying woman” and passing verdicts without knowing both sides of the story.

Mohsin also stated that he had been quiet only because he was fighting his legal battle and had firm belief in Allah that truth would prevail.

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According to news doing round as well, Mohsin Abbas Haider has also denied rumors of marrying alleged girlfriend Nazish Jahangir. “The world will know when and if I marry again,” Dunya News quotes Mohsin Abbas Haider as saying.

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