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Shaan Shahid has a request for PM Imran Khan

Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan happens to be a big fan of Turkish series Diriliş: Ertuğrul; the series that depicts the rise of Muslims and their rich history. It is for this reason that the PM had suggester the series to be dubbed in Urdu and aired on PTV for the Pakistanis to learn and know about their rich cultural history.

Thinking of it as a great initiative, Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid also suggested Imran Khan should allow PTV to produce content-rich in Pakistan’s cultural history.

Requesting Imran Khan in a tweet, Shaan Shahid said, ” PTV in association should produce Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan, Allama Iqbal translated and dubbed in easy Urdu for the common man to see his vision and his life, on Faiz Habib Jalib, on Col Sher Khan Nishaan e Haider, Jahangir Khan.”

If accepted, this will indeed be a good suggestion as the audience in the country will get to learn about their traditions and rich cultural history.

On the work front, Shaan Shahid awaits the release of his highly anticipated film Zarrar.

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