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Shaan Shahid Has the Ultimate Plan to Save Economy, but it’s Kinda Confusing

Pakistan is going through a severe economic crisis and there’s no denying that. Just when dollar prices have hit an all-time high and many of the economic experts in the country are jotting down their expertise to curb the problem, actor Shaan Shahid came out with an idea of his own.

Taking it to Twitter, the Waar actor shared some gems of wisdom on saving economy and asked his fellow Pakistanis to buy back rupees in exchange for their dollars.

Umm okay…. what?

Like sell dollars to get rupees? Or sell dollars, get rupees and then sell rupees to get rupees? Or just buy some rupees from those rupees that we got for selling dollars?

Okay I need to stop.

That’s not it, he further added, “Let’s start with whatever little we have to start with exchange 50, 100 or 1000$ and buy back our Rupee .. we must not question right now let’s unite as the threat is mutual .. we have a right to disagree with each other but lets agree on our survival our future.”

While Pakistanis were trying to contemplate the genius behind buying Pakistani Rupees, from Pakistani Rupees, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi stepped in to rescue Shaan’s mission.

Taking it to his Twitter Hamza announced that he did not have dollars of his own, but his mother and sister have sold all their dollars in exchange for Pakistani rupees.

Alright then.

As both actors proceeded with their days in a rather proud fashion, for helping to save the economy, Twitter users just had a field day.

Here are some of the best reactions Twitter saw for Shaan’s ultimate economic plan.

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This guy who knows Shaan’s true potential.

This girl who knows it’s probably magic.

Okay, this is blunt.

Erm, excuse me gentleman?

Okay it just got a little too real.

Exactly, bro game plan kya hai?

Well well, just another day in Pakistan.


Aisha Arshad

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