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Shaan Shahid is not impressed by Mahira Khan’s debut at Cannes

Shaan Shahid takes pride in being blunt and not mincing his words, due to which he tends to bring down other celebrities in the industry. While he loves to criticize, he does not like being on a receiving end. However, this time, he has something to say about Mahira Khan’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

When a local publication posted a story about what Mahira will be wearing to the festival, Shaan shared his thoughts regarding the matter.

“An actor wears his work to a film festival!” he stated. “What film is she representing? That to me is more important,” he added.

Well, Shaan should know she’s  representing a brand and not the film industry. It’s a big achievement nonetheless, and we should not bring each other down! Also, hoping Shaan Shahid makes a film that can be presented at the Cannes Film Festival soon!

More power to Pakistan.

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