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Shaniera Akram Has Officially Been Declared Pakistan’s Bhabi and She Loves It!

The socialite was recently gifted a personalized shirt with her name 'Bhabi' on it


Shaniera Akram has long been declared the most favorite Bhabi of Pakistan, however, now it has become somewhat, kind of, a little too official. In the latest updates, Shaniera attended the Pakistan Super League match and while we love her anyway, it was more overwhelming to see the crowd chanting “bhabi, bhabi” seeing the wife of legendary cricketer Wasim Akram.

Later on, Shaniera too took to social media to declare her love for the fans who adore her us their national bhabi. She also shared a glimpse of the personalized shirt she has been gifted by Karachi Kings whom her husband endorses.

“Love hearing you call my name and love being your Bhabi, I’m so blessed to be so loved in our beautiful country, thank you so so much!” said Shaniera on her Instagram.

Shaniera went on to add that it was the crowd that made PSL a success and albeit the stadiums have to be empty now (due to Coronavirus), she hopes that the spirit of cricket will continue.

“During PSL, it’s the crowd that really makes these games so fun. PSL really rocked this year and will continue too even if we are not watching all together from the ground we will still be together in spirit!” said the socialite.

“Let the games continue, stay safe, keep clean and healthy, and hope we all still have heaps of fun supporting our teams,” concluded Shaniera, our beloved bhabi.


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