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Shaniera Akram Posts a Strong Breast Cancer Awareness Message

This is October, the official breast cancer awareness month and while this matter is important enough to be highlighted the whole year, this month it’s more than ever essential. Taking it to Instagram, socialite Shaniera Akram took the opportunity to raise awareness on breast cancer and did it quite powerfully.

“Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer than any other Asian country with a diagnosis of over 90 000 women every year! Statistics show that an alarming 1 in every 9 women will develop breast cancer at some stage,” Shaniera began with statistics.

“This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month #PinkOctober and as a nation of strong women, We need work together to spread more awareness and destroy the stigma attached to this cancer in order to save lives,” Shaniera continued alongside the picture of a pink bra which she said will catch the attention.

However calling out the trolls who would not understand the significance of the matter and term her picture against cultural values, the star had a well-explained answer.

“I respect our culture and values but for those who are not quite mature enough to handle me posting a pic of my bra, I want to remind you it’s only a piece of clothing, everyone wears one, even your grandmothers!” Shaniera wrote.

“Let’s get real people, over 40 000 women die every year because we don’t have proper screening centres, are not testing regularly and certainly don’t have enough awareness about breast cancer, that’s why it’s up to us, to spread the word.

We are proud to be a woman and knowing our bodies is so important to us all. We have the power to detect early stages of breast cancer and we can save our own lives by doing so,” she said as she urged her readers to encourage their female relatives to take self-examinations and book appointments with doctors in case of the last checkup been over 2 years old.



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