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Shees Saji Gul’s father opens about his son’s and Humayun’s new project

Saji Gul says his son hasn’t been approached for any new project as of yet.

Shees Saji Gul’s fatherShees’ father revealed that the child actor hasn’t been approached as of yet - OyeYeah News

While it is being reported that Humayun Saeed and Shees Saji Gul, who essayed the impressive father-son duo

in popular TV drama Meray Pass Tum Ho, are coming soon together once again, Shees’ father revealed that the

 child actor hasn’t been approached as of yet!


In an interview with local media, Saji Gul said that it is possible that Humayun Saeed might have some project in his mind however he has not approached them yet.

Saji Gul is a contemporary Pakistani writer known for his popular plays like Sanata, Iltijah and O Rangreza.

Earlier, Humayun had commented on an insta post of an entertainment portal that the duo is coming together soon, delighting fans who are eagerly waiting to see the popular father-son duo from Meray Pass Tum Hu on the screen once again.

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