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Sheheryar Munawar Slams TLP for Silence on Palestine

Sheheryar Munawar Slams TLP for Silence on Palestine!

The popular actor took to social media to question the now banned religious outfit in Pakistan for its silence over the situation in Palestine.

Well, it seems like he keeps a keen eye on political issues of the country as well and has a strong opinion of his own.

“Where is TLP now? Why are they not on the streets protesting? Demanding our government have a stronger stance on the Palestinian issue? When they were willing to burn the entire country, their own country that feeds them, Pakistan, because of the French president’s statement. I’m baffled!”, Pehli Si Muhabbat actor wrote.

“Why not speak up now? Why not protest now? Because sugar daddy Saudi isn’t paying for this service? Because it doesn’t fit their foreign policy agenda? Shame!”, he added.


In another post shared on the Instagram story, the actor urged his followers to educate themselves on the current situation in Palestine and further educate others.

“I have never asked you anything for myself, but today I ask you not to stay quiet. To open your minds and hearts and speak for the people of Palestine. Speak against the injustice,” he wrote.





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