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Sheheryar Munawar’s engagement broke off

Sheheryar Munawar, the Pakistani heartthrob, who has been considered as the most eligible bachelors of Pakistan showbiz industry once, is single yet again!

Sheheryar got engaged in a private ceremony in Karachi a few months ago with Hala Somroo. His engagement reached speculations within the industry and outside as his fiancée did not belong to showbiz.

And finally, we get to heat that in an unfortunate turn of events, Sheheryar and Haala have decided to part ways.

The Ho Mann Jahan actor had been spotted vacationing in Sri Lanka lately, could it be the reason behind taking some time off and relax.


In a recent interview with The Current PK, in response to one of the questions, Sheheryar hinted at regaining his bachelor status.

“The most daring thing that I’ve done is telling my mother that once I tried on your call, and you yourself ended it but this time, I’ll choose the girl I want to get married to”, said Sheheryar.

Without spilling  any more details and Ho Mann Jahaan‘s star changed the topic with a cheeky reply,  “Smart people will be able to take the cue.”

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  1. I know everyone thinks Maya Ali is to blame about Sheheryar Munawar’s engagement breaking off but to me Maya Ali shouldn’t be blamed. If they continue to think this then I will make a stand for her. She is the best actress in the world and I will support in anyway.

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