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Shehzad Roy corrects Anupam Kher over video claims

Viral video of children playing music out of empty tin cans and flutes is from Pakistan


Shehzad Roy corrected Bollywood actor Anupam Kher on Friday over a viral video claim.

Pakistani singer and social activist Shehzad Roy had earlier shared the same video on Aug.11 which was shared by the Bollywood actor later claiming to be from an Indian village, which is actually from Hunza, Pakistan.

On Friday, Roy re-tweeted Kher’s post, thanking him for his concern and appreciation for the talent.

“Thanks for sharing the video I shared a few days back. You say that these talented kids are from Bharat, a humble correction, these kids are in fact from Hunza, Pakistan. I am in touch with them and have sent them all the musical instruments they need,” Teri Soorat singer tweeted.


In his earlier tweet, Shehzas had asked his fans to find the whereabouts of these kids so he could provide them with real musical instruments.





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