Shehzad Roy urges people not to make videos of their donations

UNODC Goodwill Ambassador took to Twitter to share his two cents


Pakistani Singer and Philanthropist Shehzad Roy urges people to refrain from making videos while distributing ration bags among the underprivileged during coronavirus crisis.

UNODC Goodwill Ambassador took to his Twitter account thanking all the people for providing the ration to the needy ones. He tweets “A big thanks to all who provide ration to the needy.”

He further added, “A humble request, please don’t make videos of people receiving it, as this makes them uncomfortable seeing themselves on social media.”

Recently Shehzad attended a meeting at Sindh Chief Minister House over coronavirus and said, “State is doing whatever it can! Now its up to the citizens to act like Ashraful Makhluqat”

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