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Sidra Iqbal Is Back On TV with A Bang – ‘Sawal Hai Vote Ka’

Sidra Iqbal, a development activist, an internationally celebrated speaker, a corporate trainer, an entrepreneur, a PR practitioner and a media person is a multi-talented individual who has been performing exceptionally well in every domain she lays her hands on.

Sidra Iqbal has been working as a broadcast journalist for 10 years and after taking a small break from television, she is now back with her new show “Sawal Hai Vote Ka” which covers the hot topic that is “General Elections 2018.” Formerly, Sidra did a commendable job in 2008 and 2013 on the topics of General Elections then. Although, election is one of the sensitive topics where conversations smolder within minutes, Sidra Iqbal manages her show impeccably. Her live programs always focus on the root of news and information giving the viewers a better understanding of the picture with experienced politicians and analysts.

In Sidra’s opinion, there is a rising awareness and political insight in the public now, therefore political parties should act on their promises. Otherwise, there would be no other way to maintain public support and reinforce democracy. According to her, “Every topic is sensitive but it should be discussed in ethical way as it has always been about giving and attaining respect.”

Sidra Iqbal believes that the unnecessarily loud and aggressive shows can never create a good impact on public and maintaining impartiality is the biggest task during a talk show; one may disagree from another’s view. It is important to respect everyone’s opinion and present them responsibly. Diversity in opinions is enriching but respect and ethics are pivotal to all discussions.

Sidra also shared how traumatizing her work can be. “Presenting and working on intense issues is not easy such as terror attacks, natural disaster (floods and rain rescue operations), etc. Covering APS Peshawar attack in 2014 was not at all easy for me because this news was literally heart wrenching and soul crushing to cover and report. Still today, the memories are traumatizing for me since it was one of the biggest sacrifices we had to endure as a nation,” she said.

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