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Sonya Hussyn sends love to Indian artist who plagiarised ‘Ki Jana’ MV

Following the news of plagiarism, Sonya Hussyn sends love to the Indian artist who plagiarised ‘Ki Jana’ MV frame by frame.

The actress has taken the act of copying her video in a positive manner and hopes that through this the message of ‘how horrible honour killings are’ will be spread.

The music video Happy Mood by Indian singer Brham made waves across the border as it turned out to be a copy of a Pakistani MV directed by Nabeel Qureshi.

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Soon after Nabeel Qureshi reacted to the plagiarism, the lead star of Ki Jana took to social media.

“It has been a privilege to be a part of yet another meaningful project which shared the message of how petrifying honour killings are and if that message is spread further, perhaps, together we can change the mindset of all those in South Asia who still hold archaic belief systems,” Sonya Hussyn wrote on her Instagram Story.

“Sending my love across the border for the artists who recreated it,” she added.

The plagiarised video premiered on YouTube on September 4, ‘Mood Happy’ sung by Indian singer Brham.


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