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Sophie Turner to Come Back on Television with ‘Survive’   

Sophie Turner, whom we have loved and adored as Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones, is all set to make her television comeback with Survive. Starring alongside Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkinson, Sophie will be making an appearance on debuting platform Quibi with the show.

Based on an adaptation of Alex Morel’s 2012 novel of the same name, Survive is the story of Jane who is battling mental health issues. Once out of the facility, she’s headed back to New Jersey – her hometown – with the intention to commit suicide.

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Jane’s life takes an interesting turn as the plan she’s boarding crashes, and upon reviving she finds out that she and another man are the only two people to survive the disaster.


“I couldn’t be more honoured to portray the role of Jane in Survive for Quibi,” said Sophie, while adding further, “she’s a complex character fighting against the odds to not only save her life but to also find her own source of strength and courage.”

“I only hope this can impact anyone struggling with self-worth to understand they are braver than they know and to seek the support they need,” added the 23-year old actress.


Survive is being scripted by Richard Abate and Jeremy Ungar, while the show would be produced by Van Toffler. Renowned director Mark Pellington would helm the show that has not gotten an airing date yet.

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