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“Stop using feminism as an excuse to hate on men,” Ahmed Ali Butt

The Aurat March 2019 came into the limelight for all the wrong reasons (considering a lot of people chose to ignore the right ones). We saw a number of unreasonable placards on display and that generated a whole negative impact of the Aurat March on just about everyone.

What needs to be understood that the entire Aurat March 2019, ignoring the placards that made no sense, talked about real issues, issues which we have been ignoring for long, domestic violence, marital rape, equal wages and job opportunities amongst others. However, without much coverage what came into the limelight was a march that highlighted wanna be feminists who only focused on hating on men.

Addressing these wanna be feminists, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani famed star, Ahmad Ali Butt, took to his social media stating how people were using feminism to actually hate on men.


“Its amazing to see some women hold a banner of “APNI ROTI KHUD BANAO” as if they make roties everyday in their homes… Babi Instagram ya snapchat say fursat millay ge tu maloon hoga na ke Roti kaysay pakte hay.
Stop using #feminism, as an excuse to Hate on Men or to increase your followers. true #feminism is about men and women working as a team and sharing responsibilities let that be woman making a Roti while your man picks up Kids from school or man Putting kids to sleep while your wife has a job to do.
So lets make it clear that With a supporting woman a man is complete and with a supporting man a woman is Free. Thank you,” wrote the actor on his Facebook.

Readily agreeing with Ahmad Ali Butt, we need to understand the fact that feminism does not translate to hating on men but demanding equality for women and if equality is what one looks for, it certainly doesn’t mean belittling the other gender to impose our own thoughts and perceptions upon them.

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