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Sunny Deol Did Not Speak to Shahrukh Khan for 16 Years!

Shahrukh Khan and Sunny Deol shared screens in 90s super hit Darr, that starred Juhi Chawla as lady lead. The film got wide praise and its song ‘Tu hai meri Kiran’ is still popular.

However, for the peeps behind the blockbuster, it didn’t really well on a good note. Specifically for Sunny Deol, who says he has bad memories of the movie.

Recently in an interview, Sunny revealed that he would never work on any project with the makers of Darr. This is mainly because the actor said he was kept in dark in terms of the storyline.

“I did not know that the movie will glorify the villain (Shahrukh) in the end,” said Sunny who played the protagonist.

Due to this reason, the Gadar actor said he did not speak to Shahrukh Khan for over 16 years, and the two did not share friendly terms despite being co-stars.

The movie portrayed Shahrukh as an obsessive lover, and regardless of the antagonist character, SRK garnered huge appreciation for his acting.

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