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“There’s more to us than just terrorism” – Mehwish Hayat

Priyanka Chopra recently received a lot of criticism after her American TV show, Quantico, represented Indians trying to frame Pakistan in a terrorist activity in the US. The protest got so serious that US television network ABC had to announce an apology.

That’s great news that the Indians and their sentiments were given importance, however, Pakistan wonders why they never receive an apology for the constant negative portrayal in American TV shows. Prominent Pakistani author Fatima Bhutto took to Twitter to express her thoughts

While the apology seems unlikely, amazed by the apology, Pakistani actor, Mehwish Hayat demands a fair portrayal at least.

“Amazing how quickly ABC apologized for offending Indian sentiments yet Western media has been misrepresenting us for so many yrs.Hollywood,not expecting an apology bt cn we atleast have a more fair portrayal?Theres more 2 us than just terrorism”


What are your thoughts?

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