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This Lockdown Has Made Ahad Raza Mir Miss Ehd E Wafa

Before this lockdown happened, we were scheduled to see the grand finale of our favorite drama Ehd E Wafa in the cinema. But then coronavirus destroyed all of our plans. We were extremely heartbroken about not getting to see our favorites on the big screen but then things happen and life goes on.

However, as it seems, we’re not the only ones missing Ehd E Wafa right now. Ever since Ehd E Wafa ended our Sundays haven’t been the same. And so do Ahad Raza Mir’s.

The actor played one of the leads, Captain Saad in Ehd E Wafa and recently, he shared a throwback picture on his Instagram stating how he missed the Ehd E Wafa days.


“Looking back and missing Ehd E Wafa. What do you miss the most,” Ahad asked his fans?

Like all of us, Ahad Raza Mir too is spending time in self quarantine with his wife Sajal Aly. The two recently urged their fans to stay indoors and stay safe amidst this coronavirus chaos.

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