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This TikTok Star is Katrina Kaif’s Doppelganger But Does Not Believe It!

Meet Alina Rai, an Indian-British TikTok star, who has taken the internet by storm due to her uncanny resemblance with Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif. Recently Alina caught the attention of many on social media for her pictures that screamed of her doppelganger traits with Kat.

However, despite Alina’s 34,000 Instagram followers claiming that she looks exact copy of the Bollywood star, the social media celebrity herself does not find it a big deal, or a real deal as a matter of fact.

“I personally don’t see this. I believe that sometimes when it’s someone from the film industry, people when they see actors or models they aren’t familiar with, they see exactness or association with someone familiar,” said Alina while talking to an Indian publication.

She further added, “I hope I can create my own mark and people will recognize me as myself and as Alina Rai and not a copy or anything like that because I actually don’t really resemble her so much.”

“Neither my family sees it not my close friends see it. Maybe it’s something people see from a distance,” she reiterated.

Apart from similar looks, Alina has another similarity with Katrina. Like Kat, she too lives in London with her family and has been going back and forth London and Mumbai quite a lot to pursue her Bollywood dream.

“I wanted to be a model and work in the film industry. As time went on I did a lot of modeling in London and eventually went into more Indian and film industry and that side of things and entertainment. So I then came to India. I came about a year ago and I work as a model here,” shared the TikTok starlet.

However, it is only a matter of time that Alina grows bigger than her current social media following, as the Kat doppelganger is all set to debut in Bollywood with her flick Lucknow Junction.

Aisha Arshad

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