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Tuba Anwar’s mobile number leaked, receives lewd messages

Tuba Anwar’s mobile number has been leaked!

Actor Syeda Tuba Anwar took to social media to reveal that she has been a target of leaked personal information.

In a series of Instagram stories, the Bharaas actor revealed the obscene messages she has been receiving lately.

She said, “Just woke up to hundreds of lewd WhatsApp messages. For the umpteenth time, someone leaked my number. Disgusting how people have the time and energy to do this. I feel sick!”

“I can’t even share the contents of the messages here as they are so vile. This is a breach of privacy and I have been tolerating it for months now. I am frightened that because of this any of these numerous numbers can track me down and cause harm. This is an extremely disturbing and painful situation to be in,” Tuba added.

“Anyone out there who does this for revenge or even fun, just know that is this extremely sickening. Please stop harassing people by sharing their private information,” she added.



Although the actress said that she was being threatened by someone after leaking her number, she did not share a screenshot of any of the messages.

It should be noted that Tuba Anwar secretly married late televangelist Aamir Liaquat Hussain in mid-2018, which was disclosed in 2020.

And after months of speculation, actor Tuba confirmed she filed for divorce from her husband in Feb 2022.

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