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Unlike desi kids, Mahira Khan is fond of her Phophos

The actress paid a heartwarming tribute to her paternal aunts in an Insta post.

Mahira-KhanUnlike desi kids, Mahira Khan is fond of her Phophos - OyeYeah News

Mahira Khan has been very lucky when it comes to her paternal family and hence the superstar can’t relate to desi stories about kids not enjoying their father’s family as much as their mother’s.

Of recent, the Raees actress introduced her fans to two of her maternal aunts, phophos mainly as we call them in Urdu and paid heartwarming tribute to them in an Instagram post.


“I always grew up hearing how Phopos were not always the best, stories about kids not enjoying their father’s family as much as their mothers (Might be a desi thing?). I never really got that,” Mahira revealed on the social media platform with an adorable picture of her with her two aunts.

Recalling some of her childhood memories of how she was fond of her paternal grandfather’s house, the actress shared her good memories of growing up in a joint family.

“All of us together. Even those who didn’t live with us were always around. I have two Phopos and God you all can’t imagine what they are like. They are beautiful, funny, kind and strong women,” she said.

The actress reminisced how her maternal aunts took great care of their parents in their old age.

She further added, “My older Phopo (Surraiya), looked after her parents along with my father like they were her babies. The woman who works for her eats with her on their table… I have never seen that anywhere.”

Mahira believes she has been very fortunate to have lived with all these relationships. The actress wanted to share more about her paternal family but she has kept it for a later date.

“I feel like we are who we are because of all these relationships and people we have grown up with. There is so much of my Dadi Dada in them and there is so much of them in me. I thank God every day for them and my Chachas (I have 2, but that’s for another day),” the Superstar actress concluded.

We agree Mahira there is nothing more worthy of cherishing in this world than relationships. We all must value the relations around us and be thankful to Allah for bestowing upon us this blessing.

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