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Urwa Hocane Enroute to Become the Youngest Actor Turned Producer

Urwa Hocane was away from our screens in 2018 and while we missed her, she was surely cooking up something big. The former VJ turned actress has now embarked on a new journey as she has taken up a new role of producer for her upcoming flick Tich Button – which she just completed shooting.

“I feel a strong passion for storytelling and always wanted to diversify,” said Urwa while talking to Something Haute. She added that her inspiration in filmmaking came from the three films she starred in 2017, and her next goal is to wear the directorial cap.


“Ever since I worked in Na Maloom Afraad, I have remained interested in what goes on the other side of the camera,” she continued to narrate her journey.

The Udaari actress stated that although unsure, she went to Faiza Iftekhar for a script and it was the powerful story of Faiza that compelled her to step into the uncharted territory.

“The script turned out to be so great, we couldn’t have proceeded with it,” Urwa told.

Slated for a 2020 release, Tich Button will mark Urwa’s first project as the youngest actor turned producer in the Pakistani industry. But as they say, every good thing has a heavy price and for Urwa it was the projects she left including Anaa, Jo Tu Chahey, Khaas and the ultimate sensation Mere Pas Tum Ho to pursue her production passion.

“I was playing Hania (played by Hira Mani) and had shot for a couple of days. But then we moved Tich Button to Nankana Sahib where we had put up a huge set and I just couldn’t get myself out of there. It was very unfortunate, more so because I ended up making Nadeem Baig really upset along with the other production houses,” Urwa revealed.

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