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Urwa Hocane Irks Social Media For Tone-deaf Tweet on Karachi Rains

Some also referred to her previous comments about depression and eating habits

backlashUrwa Hocane received quite a bad backlash - OyeYeah News

In the recent rains of Karachi when the city faced devastation like never before, celebrities took it to social media to raise voice for the city’s helplessness. Among those was Urwa Hocane’s tweet which irked quite too many Twitter users and the actress received quite a bad backlash.

“It’s the people who have to work hand in hand with the government! How many of you can come up with a solution? Why don’t we start somewhere? Sab kuch government ka kaam nahi hota. Khud bhi kuch sochein, haath pey haath rakh k baithnay k ilawa,” tweeted the Udaari actress.

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“No doubt the government didn’t care about the city but did we! time to stop complaining & do something on our own & fix at least our own colony issues in Karachi! We can’t even stop throwing the garbage everywhere we like. Gov doesn’t have a magic wand”, she tweeted earlier. 

Whatever point she tried to make it across, the netizens were quick to call out at her for not having much knowledge over a sensitive matter. And backlash on her tweet continued:

“She thinks depression happens because we don’t eat well. So what can one expect from her in this situation,” responded a Twitter user.


“Let’s start with you. What “ideas” do you have for people who are drowning right now but – according to you – should brainstorm and pick something up and start working?” another wrote.


“PLEASE keep your “elite” opinions to yourself. If you get off your high horse and for once think about things rationally you’d understand that proper planning of the drainage systems is something the GOVERNMENT should be taking care of. The citizens don’t PLAN that,” a tweet said.


“Jo cheezain samajh Nahin aati, un pe publicly comment Karne se parhaiz karna chahiye,” a user pointed out.

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